EVERYTHING Is Blooming Lovely!

If you are fed up with the cold weather, the bills that must be paid and the housework that never seems to be completed and if you long to escape into another world that is deliciously fragrant and delightful to look at… Welcome to my Flower Shop Tales!

For it was the artist Henri Matisse who said that “there will always be flowers for those who want to see them” and although I am no fan of his work, I do love his philosophy!

For many years I lived and breathed a world of flora and fauna as a floral designer and although my life has taken many strange twists and turns since I began as a ‘green-fingered’ recruit in my teenage years; there will always be a place in my heart for a flower or two.

It’s All Hallows Eve and a Broom Awaits at Bouvier’s Flower Shop…

Having already created ‘Bouvier’s Flower Shop’ several years ago, I have simply been unable to resist the opportunity to design another small world of flowers and so I have created the Brentwood Flower Market which now can be found nestled within a quaint Tudor building that has all the appeal of a typical rustic flower shop and which remains alive with the human presence.

Roses Abound at the Brentwood Flower Market for St Valentine’s Day..

As Marcus Tullius Cicero once said that “The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.”, I have been known to whittle up a floral tribute in 12th scale too!

Time to Say Goodbye..

For as well as sharing the musings and mishaps about the unique ‘Small Worlds’ that I will be creating; I will also be including a few of my ‘Tee Tips’ that may inspire you with your own floral endeavours!

And as I have been creating small worlds in miniature for many years now and the passion to design and create a miniature world remains just as intoxicating and challenging!

The vision and inspiration for the creation of my small worlds comes to me in all different forms, the pages of a history book, a television drama series or the glorious and imperfect world that I frequently find myself in!

One of my ‘Small Worlds’ can be discovered in the Parish of St M’s which includes an old church and a parish hall that I have designed with a scruffy and charming graveyard capturing a sense of our history and yet is forever changing and alive with the human presence.

And the opportunities in which to decorate the chancel of this 12th scale church with any assortment of blooms for the occasional betrothal, thanksgiving service and a flower festival really are never ending!

Welcome to the Parish Church of St M’s…

I also have a curiosity in the life and legacy of Nicole Brown Simpson and although she and her former disgraced spouse have continued to make headlines since he was tried for her murder in 1994; my interest is very much of the 12th scale kind as she has been the inspiration for the creation of an abode known as ‘Nicole’s House’

Red Roses and Memories in the Kitchen of Nicole’s House….

And as Nicole loved nothing more than a home full of flowers, I have only been too happy to oblige!

I can also be found immersed in the year 1815 as I continue with the design and creation of 13 Piccadilly Terrace circa 1815a large and suitably grand house that has been inspired by the life and times of my favourite poet, Lord Byron.

A Portrait of His Lordship in the Hallway of 13 Piccadilly Terrace in the Year 1815…

And although the pots of distemper paint, lime wash and brown mahogany wood dye have been packed away for the moment, a large cardboard box containing the gorgeous silks for the soft furnishings still awaits for I’d much rather arrange a bowl full of roses than thread a needle with cotton thread; any day!

However, I am very happy at the moment surrounded by lots of small pots and moss that await the planting of some wonderful flowers that will find a home somewhere in a small world… but perhaps after a nice cup of tea?

Bye for now!


'Art is the Only Way to Run Away Without Leaving Home.' ~ Twyla Tharp

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