It’s Just a ‘Small’ Room of One’s Own!

Dear Diary…

Hello! Hello! For in the words of that rather jaded pop song; “I’m Back Again!”

Events took a somewhat eventful turn in February and although not entirely unexpected, the last few months have been of upheaval and change as I have moved abode some twenty miles north to York and as this ancient walled city is my hometown, I have been fortunate to have met with much delighted surprise at my return; rather like the arrival of the Prodigal Son over a thousand years ago but without the fatted calf prepared in my honour!

And I have a new nest or ‘Den’ with its own garret room that offers a view of York Minister in which to scribble, read and create while surrounded by my treasured books, pots of exotic fauna and a stash of chocolate that remains safely hidden away somewhere…

I would like to tell you that several of my ‘Small Worlds’ add an attractive finishing touch to my oasis of calm and to be fair, most of them do but only if you are prepared to overlook the odd chipped balustrade, a broken kitchen window and an interior of a flower shop that now has the appearance of having lived through a tornado.

Given that I was a jittery as a blancmange as I supervised the removal of my ‘Small Worlds’ cocooned in acres of bubble wrap like giant larvae from their familiar and safe surroundings and to the care of others who had the unenviable task of transporting them to their new abode, the process was somewhat traumatic and that’s just from my perspective!

The realisation that my one of my ‘Small Worlds’ having done a 360 degree turn was now responsible for the moveable feast dotted all over a busy York street, albeit in 12th scale did little to calm my nerves, particularly when a kindly stranger handed me several plates of ‘Bat Buns’, some Pumpkin Pie and four glass jars of ‘Screaming Carrots’ that he had happened to stumble across while walking his aged dog.

And in was in the midst of unpacking and so on that I was contacted by Jane Kubiesa working on behalf of the Dolls House and Miniature Scene magazine which is published monthly by Warners Group Publications.

As Jane wanted to include some photographs of the Brentwood Flower Market for a future issue along with some copy about my love of all things fauna and flora; I was very happy to oblige and you can image my delight when not only was there a very complimentary article about my work but that I was finally a cover girl!

Artisan, and former floral designer, Tee Bylo is probably best known for her realistic miniature re-creations of florists shops and her attention to detail is amazing.

She uses her first-hand trade knowledge, her passion for all things floral and her love of miniatures to make exquisite mini flower scenes…

Exquisite? What a wonderfully complimentary word! Thank you Jane!

Maybe now is the time to reacquaint myself with another of my ‘Small’ Flower Shops and become creative… I also need to appease the imaginary inhabitants of ‘Bouvier’s’ who have been left traumatised by the unfamiliar humans that transported them to their new abode with all the grace of a tornado!

Now all I have to figure out is where I put that piece of drainpipe and wheelie bin that had managed to escape during the move and which I fortunately salvaged from the removal truck…?

Bye for now!


'Art is the Only Way to Run Away Without Leaving Home.' ~ Twyla Tharp

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