The Door of ‘Bouvier’s Flower Shop’ Opens!

It was the artist Henri Matisse who said that “there will always be flowers for those who want to see them” and although I am no fan of his work, I do love his philosophy!

For many years I lived and breathed a world of flora and fauna as a floral designer and although my life has taken many strange twists and turns since I began as a ‘green-fingered’ recruit in my teenage years; there will always be a place in my heart for a flower or two.

That’s Me with Another ‘Small’ Creation of Mine!

When I began to create my ‘Small Worlds’ many years ago, a flower shop was one of my first projects which I designed in the style of the Victorian era in the year 1898 as a tribute to a gentleman called John Tibbett, a florist and my great-great grandfather!

Now, if I had a coin for every time that someone has said to me that ‘It must be in the genes’, I would be extremely wealthy!

In the summer of 2009 when I could no longer resist the urge to ‘recreate’ another world, I decided that it was time to propel my little floral abode forward in time to our present day and ‘Bouvier’s Flower Shop’ was the result.

My vision for ‘Bouvier’s’ was the creation of a typical flower shop within a building that was essentially Victorian in character and which having seen better days is now in need of a lick of paint and is alive with human presence.

The inspiration for the name of ‘Bouvier”s Flower Shop’ was realised after I had read a rather riveting biography of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, for who despite the triumphs of being a First Lady and style icon, also happened to be blessed with the wonderfully elegant name of ‘Bouvier’!

There was once a small room nestled in the attic of ‘Bouvier’s’ Flower Shop’ called the ‘Pinchot Art Studio’ and inspired by the Georgetown artist Mary Pinchot Meyer.

And as has been reported, Mary had enjoyed something of a liaison with the spouse of the said Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis before her murder on a towpath in October 1964.

However, that is for another story!

Bye for now!


'Art is the Only Way to Run Away Without Leaving Home.' ~ Twyla Tharp

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